The trophy whitetail deer packages offered at the 700 Springs, Bluff Creek, and Clear Creek are over the top hunts. The ranch offers high fence and low fence hunts.  There are NO TROPHY FEES, eliminating any surprise charges. Besides hunting on some of the most pristine land in Texas, the guests are able to return each evening to accommodations that are second to none. Everything is provided to ensure an enjoyable experience.

All hunts include experienced guides, food prepared by a qualified ranch chef, and top notch lodging.  All hunters will have all game caped and prepared for your taxidermist, or will be taken to our personal taxidermist. Meat will also be quartered and ready for you when you leave, or we will arrange for the meat to be taken to a processor or donated. All food and drink (excluding alcohol, which you can provide on your own), including snacks, will be provided and prepared for hunters to eat in one of our beautiful dining rooms, where you can relax and fully enjoy your stay.

The average shot at any of the ranches will be between 75 and 200 yards so we recommend that hunters be comfortable with shots out to 200 yards and use at least a .270 caliber.  Also, make sure you include binoculars, camera, flashlight, layered hunting clothes, good boots, and socks.